Keep It Sweet and Simple – KISS

Welcome to my website! Here you will find information on classes that are running, a little about me, my blog and my personal recommendations for anything dog related.

People often ask me why KISS?

Keep it sweet – dogs learn through reward, dogs do what is rewarding. Behaviour that is rewarded will increase. Punishment works, pain is after all a survival mechanism. However, when looking at training dogs, it should be noted that you can’t build behaviour by punishment, you can only inhibit it. We don’t need or want inhibited shut down dogs on an agility field, so we keep them sweet. We make sure that training is built on a solid foundation of reward and that every dog enjoys their training time.

Keep it Simple. There are now 100’s of agility “systems” all with their own terminology and rules. There is a huge amount of marketing hype selling theses techniques designed to convince people that each and every system is The One! I’ve been competing in agility since the late 1980’s and teaching for most of that time. I’ve taught all over the world, from Japan to Australia and all across North America and Europe. I’ve taught 1000s of dogs of all sorts shapes and sizes. In all of that time what I have taught has been based on a solid understanding of behaviour and the science behind building behaviour. Operant conditioning is not new, it is not pop science, it is a relatively simple, scientific way of training. I apply those techniques to people too, I want people that train with me to enjoy their training and to be successful. That success can be in a simple sequence or on the world stage of agility, each and every person that I train is important to me. Agility is the most enjoyable sport of all the canine activities; people and dogs should enjoy their training.

All shapes and sizes of dogs are welcome. I have years of experience successfully dealing with an enormous variety of breeds. My own breed is the Working Bearded Collie and no amount of comments from others will persuade me to change, although various rescues have found their way into our lives over the years. Currently I’m also training my daughter’s Whippet and our tiny rescued cross breed. You can find out more in Clean Run Magazine where I am documenting in a series of articles the first year with my pup, Shade Of Freedom. I have spent a lot of time researching different breeds to make sure I fully understand their instincts and where those instincts will lead.

KISS Agility is based in Herefordshire, to find out more please see the classes page. If you need help or remedial training or are looking for help with Agility, I can offer you one to one classes with an internationally renowned trainer. If you’re curious about the training but don’t want to commit to a full course then an individual lesson would be ideal for you.

Take that step, come and get involved with one of the most rewarding activities that you can train for with your dog, in an environment tailored for a positive experience.

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