Here you can sign up for the best of all sports to take part in with your dog!

KISS Agility is a reward based facility and I request that all customers respect that ethos. No check chains, prong collars, shock collars or their like may be used at any time. I also ask, that as far as possible, both verbal and physical corrections are replaced by asking your dog to do something that you can reward.

There are no more than 6 people in any class so that each partnership is sure of receiving individual attention.

Classes are held outdoors on grass in a fully fenced paddock. If it is raining lightly we’ll move into the ménage, if it is pouring, classes will be canceled and rolled over to the next week. Bitches in season are welcome as long as they are wearing knickers and I’m am notified. If anyone has a male dog that needs help with the distractions that an in-season bitch provides, please let me know.

All classes must be paid for in advance, you can pay via bacs or Paypal. Classes are paid for in 6-week blocks; I offer a gradually increasing discount for continuous bookings.

  • Remedial training is available on a one to one basis. I have 30 years of experience helping people solve all sorts of problems, please contact for more details.
  • One to one training is also available for agility. If you have a problem you would like help with, or just the opportunity to train in a different environment with an internationally renowned instructor, please contact for availability.
  • If you are not sure that you would like to commit to a full course, then please do book a private lesson, I’m sure that like 100’s before you, you’ll be bitten by the agility bug!
  • My full agility classes are reserved initially for graduates of my foundation classes but any spare spaces will be opened to dogs that can demonstrate the relevant skills.

I am currently adding to waiting lists for classes as follows:-

  • Puppy classes for puppies up to the age of 6 months.

Here you will learn all the basics for a puppy for life in general, but especially with agility in mind.
Sit down stand
Reward structure
How to learn
Problem solving

  • Foundation classes for puppies and dogs from 6 months of age.
    Here you will learn
    Self-control which is essential for start lines and contacts
    Targeting to enable you to take contact training on the road
    Bodily awareness. We will teach your dog where his back feet are and how to use them.
    Turns; left and right and how to teach them.
    Collection and extension.
    Drive drive drive and how to build it.

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