Thanks to Clean Run

I’d like to thank Clean Run Magazine for publishing many of my articles.  I’d also like to address special thanks to Monica Percival and the Clean Run team for their editing expertise, they have turned many of my ideas into literate presentations! The magazine is currently running a series of articles that I write each month about my young Bearded Collie, Shade Of Freedom or Shady, entitled “Training Freedom; Here I Go Again!  We started at the beginning when Shade was 6 weeks old. He is now 15months of age and beginning obstacle training. There are several options for a subscription to the magazine, including a digital subscription which is just $4 an issue! To subscribe; please follow this link:-

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There is a free app you can download to view the digital content plus several free issues to look at. Alongside a full subscription, you can preview and buy individual issues that are of interest.

Clean Run Course Design Software

All the course designs on this website are created using the Clean Run Course Design software. It is a very intuitive piece of software, I’ve only had to refer to the help files once or twice, but its main benefit is the incredibly small files that it saves course designs down to. I now have twenty years of course designs used for classes, for private lessons and seminars and the largest file that I can find is 4kb and that’s because there was a lot of explanatory text.

Clean Run offer a free 30 day trial of the software, if you wish to try it, please follow this link:-

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Clean Run’s online shop.

Along with keeping us up to date with the latest in Agility information, Clean Run also has a wonderful online shop. In it, you’ll find almost anything that you might need to train your dog, not only that but Monica and her team keep on bringing us the latest new toys and training devices and pairing them with impeccable service. I strongly recommend them!

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